To get the most out of your viewing experience, we recommend the following tips...

  • INTERNET SPEED? Perform a speed test using the above link to see how fast your internet connection is. Minimum speed to view a high definition video stream is in the 5-7 Mbps range. The more the better and you will have fewer interruptions or 'buffering' issues. Use the above speed test link to check your speed.
  • VIDEO QUALITY? You can address streaming issues by reducing the video quality to a lower setting by clicking the bottom right 'cog' icon (desktop) or the '3-dot' icon at the top right (mobile) to change the "quality". Select a lower number and the buffering issue should go away.
  • ON MOBILE? If viewing on a mobile device, download the free YouTube app to improve playback and overall experience (see above links).
  • WIFI vs DATA PLAN? Connect to a local WiFi connection if possible to save using your phone data plan
  • NOTIFICATION? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow Basketball Manitoba on Twitter or Facebook to be notified of when future streams go live and please share the link with others! See all subscription options.
  • NO LIVE VIDEOS? When looking for live basketball videos on the Basketball Manitoba YouTube page, you will need to refresh the page at the time the video goes live which should be just a few minutes before the game time.
  • OFFLINE? If a feed gets disconnected, you may have to refresh the main Basketball Manitoba YouTube page page to see a new stream that may come back on shortly after. There are times where at the game site there may be technical issues with the internet, bandwidth or other issues which may bump a stream offline.
  • WHERE'S MY GAME? If you are not seeing games on the service that you want to watch, tell your basketball program about and that they should become a broadcaster! You can also email us at and we can work with them to get them in the system!